Our Story

D Bar Photography is the passion, patience and pursuit of what is exceptionally outstanding to the eye. For more than 50 years, Otis Phillips (Dunscon) has taught himself and worked under distinguished photographers to hone his ability to capture what others might have missed. His focus has been the Cowboy Way along with the landscape and wildlife that encapsulates the cowboy and his family.

His love for the cowboy began on his grandfather’s ranch in Armstrong County, Texas. That’s where the D-Bar brand came from, and he considers it a privilege to carry on that brand today - honoring the cowboy life, culture and traditional values he was surrounded by and idolized as a boy in the Texas Panhandle. These families keep the legacy of the West alive, and their hard work is something to be admired. 

Believe it or not, there are still places in the American Southwest where one can go to escape the present day and capture the magnificent, natural beauty out there to be seen. Otis has traveled thousands of miles because inspiration is just around the corner. Whether serene or intense, nature provides the perfect opportunity for a photographer as the elements are always changing yet somehow remain the same. Otis has demonstrated an ability to capture the nuances of that natural beauty of the landscapes that surround us.

Wildlife is probably what excites Otis the most. It’s the opportunity to truly see what no one else sees or has seen. As many miles that have been driven, almost as many hours have been spent waiting for the bear, the wolf, the bison, the eagle, the animal to do what they do to survive, to thrive. These are real-life moments that are witnessed via the photographer through the lens of the camera. Seeing these things happen and being able to capture them are truly moments of pride for Otis.

We hope you enjoy his work, and want you to know that the photographs are never enhanced or imposed with special effects. The images are true to life experiences that happened in front of the lens.